You might miss your pet while you are on vacation... but your pet might not miss you!

While you are delayed at airport security, filing lost-baggage claims, snarled in traffic, or arguing with a desk clerk about your “deleted” hotel reservation; your pet will be playing, pottying and preening at 2 Cann’s Dog Boarding.

Board your pet with us for a few hours, overnight, or a couple of weeks. Do so with complete confidence in its care. Drop your pet off and leave the pampering and care to us!

Multiple pet discounts available.

But first, please visit our facility and take a tour. You won’t find any “dirty facilities” at 2 Cann’s Dog Boarding.

2 miles East of Hockaday or, 1 mile West of M-30, on Ritchie Road, then ¼ mile North on Fitzwater.

Your pet will have plenty of play time. I have 3 fenced in play areas that they will have plenty of time to use. There are no extra fees for "playtime" and they get plenty of it. They can also socialize and play with other dogs. I also administer medications, if your pet needs medicine.

The kennels are 5 x 10 so they have plenty of room to roam, when they are indoors. You may bring your own blankets/beds or I have them available. Bring your own food...we don't want your pet to get sick eating dog food he isn't used to....and bring any playthings that you want them to have in their kennel.








1 DOG:      $30.00 PER NIGHT

2nd DOG:  $25.00 PER NIGHT

3RD DOG: $20.00 PER  NIGHT



IT WILL BE $15.00 PER DOG, "IF" they are in the same kennel, otherwise, prices are as above.  


These prices (for more than 1 dog) are if they are staying in the same kennel.  If dogs are in separate kennels, fee will be $30.00 per night.


If your dog is dropped off in the morning and picked up in the afternoon, there will be an extra $10.00 charge for 1/2 day, per dog.


All dogs must be vaccinated for Rabies, Distemper and Bordatella.  Records must be presented at time of boarding, texted to 989-329-4993 or emailed prior to boarding. 


I also provide "daycare".  Fee is $10.00 for the day.  Drop off between 8-10 a.m. and pick up between 4-6 p.m.


Your dog will be socializing (supervised) with other dogs.  If you do not want your dog to socialize, please let me know and I will attempt to make arrangements to accomodate that, if possible.


I will administer shots and meds, if needed. There will be a charge of $2.00 per day for administering shots.  There is no extra charge for meds.










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