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Below, you'll find pictures of our valued guests. 2 Cann's Dog Boarding offers you and your best friends the best accomodations with no hassles.
Also, please fill out our guestbook and tell us how your pets stay was with us. We love to get feedback.
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  • Nicole Harper (Saturday, November 05 16 10:31 am EDT)

    I brought my dog here last year becaouse i had to go out of town unexpectedly for a funeral. I had never left him with anyone but family so was very worried. But it was great! He had so much fun and everyone was super nice, they worked with me, and even sent me updates throughout the week! If i ever need boarding again i wont hesitate to bring him back!

  • Jennifer (Thursday, August 04 16 11:32 am EDT)

    I can't tell you how much we appreciate this place! Luanne truely loves these dogs like they are her own. Thanks for taking good care of our Blitz!!

  • Linda Chasey (Wednesday, September 16 09 09:54 pm EDT)

    Feel confident knowing that your dogs are being well taken care of
    I have been bringing my two chocolates lab to 2 Cann Dog Boarding for a few years now and I love their service they provide. I feel comfortable and confident when I drop my dogs off that they will be
    well taken care of. My dogs are always tired when they come home because all of the excerise they get playing and swimming with the other dogs. Thank you Luanne and Evert for providing a fun and safe
    enviroment for my pookies.
    Linda, Jack and Clark

  • Linda Grosz (Thursday, August 20 09 06:42 am EDT)

    Zorro %26 Furby love to go to 2Canns Dog Boarding
    I was looking for a place to socialize my puppy Zorro. No facility I checked would allow the dogs to interact with each other.
    Then I found 2Canns. Zorro loved going there to meet and play with other dogs. I have since acquired Furby and both my pups love to go to Canns to play with the other dogs.
    They whine and get so excited when we drive in Canns driveway.

    I have used their grooming service, boarding service and just taking the boys for a play day.
    I highly recommend 2Cann's ranch.

  • Christine Merlino (Sunday, August 09 09 03:28 am EDT)

    One year later update...
    Hi Everyone!Not only am I still so "very pleased" with the care my Beautiful HUGE German Shepherd "Jake" gets at Luann's place, but too "prove it", I now live in the town of "MT.Pleasant,Mi, and I
    travel over an "hour" to board my big Boy.No where else compares to the attention, and love he gets there.The prices are fair, and I love it cause if I should "decide" to treat"my Jake to a grooming
    session, "I can have it done "right there" on location.Now "That's a "perk!"..I love that he has a very large safe, fenced in outdoor play yard, "not "just a dog run.A nice clean air
    conditioned/heated indoor kennel, unlike most places that keep dogs just in a small crate, or tiny kennel.Plus a "pond to follic in and a "childs swimming pool in the yard area.Even after a few days,
    he "never" comes home with that "awful dirty dog smell".Not once!I could board him "within 15 minutes of my home, but only "2Cann's is the Closest thing to Home!!...Thank you So much!!J "Jakes

  • Sue Berger (Saturday, February 14 09 08:44 pm EST)

    Best Resort Spa in Gladwn
    LuAnn & Evert - Your the best, Maggie (aka the Queen)loves you too. There is no other in Gladwin to compare.

    If you're searching for a worry free home away from home for your pets you've found it here. You can rest assured your vacation will be one you can enjoy knowing your pet is enjoying theirs as


    The 'Queen' and her Subjects (the Berger's)

  • Christine/Louis %26"Jake" Merlino (Saturday, December 27 08 04:33 am EST)

    "Our Experience with "TwoCann Boarding Kennel"
    Our "Jake", just "Loves" his visits here soooo much, that he is "downright Sad", the next couple days after we bring him home:((....He get soooo excited, the minute he sees me "gathering his things",
    that he runs to his toy box to "pick out what stuffed animal/balls he is going to bring along!No kidding!..The best part, is I , myself ,"feel very comfortable " knowing our "Jake is in such "good
    hands".He always comes home "smelling fresh", and well exercised,"unlike other kennels I have boarded with in the past."..I love the care he gets here "so well" that I am a "walking advertistment"
    handing their business cards out to "anyone looking for a happy, clean place " to board their pet.
    Though, they "could enlarge", and fill up, "Luann and Evert", are "more concerned about "quality/hands on care", rather than "quanity and making more money'.Wonderful people!.."Arf, Arf" from "Jake"
    and family:)

  • Linda Chasey-Pookie Momma (Wednesday, August 20 08 10:22 pm EDT)

    My pookies love Luanne.
    This is the nicest boarding place I have ever taken my dogs to. They are well cared for with plenty of exercise! They love swimming in the pond!

  • Jane Vershave (Saturday, July 05 08 04:35 am EDT)

    2 Cann's Dog Boarding
    Luann & Evert-Thank You for the wonderful care of my dog MARTY. He's been coming out for over a year to stay each week from Thursday until Saturday while I work. This is where I'd love to come
    just to VACATION myself! Marty is happy and I'm happy! Everything is spotless and beautiful! I enjoy all the dogs and so does MARTY!

  • Jarek Schmidt (Friday, July 04 08 07:15 pm EDT)

    I love this Place sooooo Much!
    You Guys Have the BEST place in the whole UNIVERSE!
    Not kidding! If you have to take your dog or cat somewhere beacause you are going away. COME HERE!

  • Jerry Ogg (Monday, June 30 08 04:19 am EDT)

    We are so pleased with Bug's grooming. He must have been too because he slept the entire night without "bugging" me.

    I will refer 2Cann's Dog Boarding at every possible opportunity.

  • Ray Lohner (Monday, June 30 08 03:35 am EDT)

    Wow! This place is beautiful!

    I visited your facility. I can honestly say that I haven't seen a kennel this clean and friendly before.

    Keep up the good work!

    Ray Lohner

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